Ethiopian Institute for Leadership, Communication, and Organisation


The history


Ethiopian Institute for Leadership Communication and Organisatoion (EILCO) is the product of four co-founders who are British Citizens of Ethiopian origin who have been considering how to take their experiences, connections, relationships, and interests to Ethiopia and support the changes taking place in Ethiopia. The co-founders have decades of experience in leadership development, media, communication, and civil service. The founding of EILCO has taken months of consultation and brainstorming to see what EILCO could deliver in Ethiopia, Africa and globally and what the role of each co-founder could be to deliver the mission of the organisation.


EILCO is a company created to provide training, coaching, production, and consultancy initially in Ethiopia in the fields of leadership, media, press, communication, public administration and civilian and military organisation. EILCO organises lectures, workshops, conferences, events, and promotion for governmental organisations, private enterprises, civic institutions, and NGOs.

About us

Our People

Sirgut Yadeta 







Sirgut is a very experienced communication specialist and journalist.  She has researched, written and edited on topics including international politics, the arts, new media, social media, and popular culture. She has worked for national and international clients including national media, oil & gas businesses, financial and governmental institutions. Traveling extensively for her clients, Sirgut has worked in Europe and Africa (Ethiopia). She has founded a charity that has built a school in Ethiopia for 500 children and has substantial engagements with the community and local government officials in Lalibela, Ethiopia. She has also experience in media relations in the hard news environment; managing online activities, publications, and events; editing and writing internal and external communications. Her clients have included Daily Telegraph, BG Group, Bank of England, Fidelity International Investment and Lloyds Group.  Sirgut holds degrees in Media, Information Technology and Software Engineering (MSc) and Marketing. You can contact Sirgut here, Sirgut.Yadeta@eilco.net 


Dr Ermias Kebede MAPM








Ermias was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and moved to the UK at the age of 6. He is a Project Management professional and has achieved a professional certificate from the Association for Project Management. Ermias has been a Civil Servant in the UK Government for almost five years. He is currently the Planning and Investment Manager for the East Coast Mainline in the Department for Transport. Prior to this, Ermias worked in various roles in the UK Ministry of Defence, for over four years, in the Bristol and London offices. Ermias joined the Civil Service having gained three years prior experience in the Defence Industry as a Graduate for Thales, a multinational defence company. Ermias undertook his doctoral research in the Public-Private Acquisition System of the Defence sector applying Economic theory to this unique area. Ermias holds a Master’s in Business and a Bachelors Honours degree in Physics. Ermias has a strong connection to his place of birth and has volunteered in many UK based community. This includes previous roles as Chair of the Ethiopian Association for Students and Youth in the UK, founding member of the Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Association and is currently the Chair of the Ethiopian Community in Britain. You can contact Ermias here, Ermias.Kebede@eilco.net


Bekele Woyecha








Bekele was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a Senior Project Manager at Sponsor Refugees, a foundation set up by Citizens UK to promote Community Sponsorship. He has been working as a Community Organiser with Citizens UK since March 2011. Bekele was the Human Rights Defender Fellow of the University of Nottingham in 2009, where he studied International Human Rights Law. He also studied Advanced Study of Nonviolent Conflict at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, USÁ. Bekele also attended the Global Change Agents Program at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. Bekele was the 2018 Churchill Fellow which took him to Canada to study about Canada’s refugee sponsorship program. Before moving to the UK, he held senior managerial positions in government departments in Ethiopia. Bekele also studied at the Addis Ababa University and graduated with BA Degree in Management in 1992. Outside of work, Bekele serves as a trustee for a charity and also as a chairman of the local school’s parents council. He was one of the Games Makers at the London 2012 Olympics. Bekele says, “Life has not been a bed of roses for me, that is why I have never surrendered, and I keep fighting.” Bekele regularly writes on his blog, https://www.bekelewoyecha.com You can contact Bekele here, Bekele.Woyecha@eilco.net



Zelalem Getahun 








Zelalem moved to the United Kingdom in 1994. He studied electrical and electronics engineering and media which is a hobby of his since childhood. Zelalem believes the democratization process in Ethiopia could only be achieved if there is free media. He worked as a radio program producer and editor for Negat Radio for 2 years; the radio program was established to provide news and entertainment programs for Ethiopians living in the UK. At the end of 2004, he returned to Ethiopia to start a broadcasting company. However, following the 2005 national elections, the government imprisoned journalists and narrowed the space of free media. He managed to provide weekly entertainment programs for other producers which were aired in the government-controlled TV station ETV. In 2007 he moved back to the UK where he played a crucial part in founding the Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT). He managed the technical and production side of the station. Zelalem also directed and produced several gospel production videos for Ethiopian Orthodox churches in Europe and Ethiopia. You can contact Zelalem here, Zelalem.Getahun@eilco.net

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